321angel321's Brightest Day #18 - Easy Come, Easy Go review

So everything's good, right?

So far, I’ve been enjoying Brightest Day. The series has failed to disappoint and I have to say, this issue doesn’t disappoint either.

The story mainly focuses on Hawkman and Hawkgirl. I was a bit hesitant of having another issue just about them as, in my opinion, I didn’t enjoy earlier issues about them. I felt different about this issue. Their story is seemingly coming to an end and, after the build up of their problems, it seems things are finally bliss for them. However, it seems this is not the case. Without trying to give away spoilers, the ending of this issue is a shocker and, to me, something that is unexpected.

Though, something tells me it won’t stick.

I’ve always liked the art in Brightest Day and am glad that the art in this issue is great as usual. The shocker at the end is confusing and just adds more questions to the questions that there already are.

I didn’t like how it was just about Hawkman and Hawkgirl though. I mean other characters were in this issue, but they were only given one or two pages. I can understand that with so many characters and not enough pages to fill that some just have to take centre stage. This can be ignored though as the issue was enjoyable. Something that also bothers me is the cover. I've seen the other covers on DC's other titles and they just seem too like, ugh. They just nothing special, that's all.  In conclusion, I enjoyed this issue and recommend it. It also proves that the white latern (or whatever you want to call it) is not exactuly the 'good guy', four out of five.


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