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Review: Brightest Day #18 0

Hawkman and Hawkgirl's potential triumph over the Killer and their curse might actually make them targets of the White Lantern battery.  The Good In other circumstances, I might be flustered by how Hawkman and Hawkgirl's cathartic reunion is so quickly quashed by another complication, but I think the circumstances here are absolutely brilliant. I've been consistently riveted by the philosophical and dramatic themes this new cosmology of entities entails, and it's awesomely clever how the ...

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The Entity Is Such A C-Blocker. 0

Almost completely devoted to the Hawk-plot, this issue brings what has easily been the weakest of the Brightest Day storylines to seemingly an end as Hawkman and Hawkgirl complete their White Lantern tasks. Finally, we see the destination of this plot, and upon seeing it, we have to wonder why the hell we took such a terrible route to get here.  It turns out the Hawk-plot is exactly what it was said to be at the start of the series. With the death of Hath-Set, the curse is seemingly broken and t...

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Proof That 'Pure Light' Does Not Always Equal 'Pure Good' 0

The Good: I loved the Hawks' story at first. There was a lot of awesome things about it, and a great sense of mystery. But once their White Lantern Revelations happened, it was on a downhill train speeding into a train wreck. And sure, it did collide into a train wreck, but in that collision, it somehow mangled itself into a kind of cool work of art that might go in a museum of modern art. And it'd be one of the better pieces there. Not the best, but a lot of modern art is sometimes absolute bul...

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So everything's good, right? 0

So far, I’ve been enjoying Brightest Day. The series has failed to disappoint and I have to say, this issue doesn’t disappoint either. The story mainly focuses on Hawkman and Hawkgirl. I was a bit hesitant of having another issue just about them as, in my opinion, I didn’t enjoy earlier issues about them. I felt different about this issue. Their story is seemingly coming to an end and, after the build up of their problems, it seems things are finally bliss for them. However, it seems this is not...

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Higher powers usually have bigger motives and NEVER say the truth 0

Issue 18 of Brightest Day.  The Story: The first page is Captain Cold punching Digger Karkness since he released Zoom from prison.Mera is talking to Lorena (Aquagirl) and Deathstorm brought the White Lantern to Qward (I doubt it's the Anti-Moniter but who knows).Back on Zamaron the Hawks finally kills Shrike and are brought back to Earth and are given their life back.  The Good: The twist at the end is VERY interesting and shows that any God like Entity has a hidden agenda wich makes me wonder h...

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Brightest Day #18 0

Love conquers all and the white power ring charges to 100% with most unexpected results  The Good   David Finch Delivers a great cover for this week, just look over to the right as you're reading this review. Yeah, that's poster worthy, my friend.I always like to watch the sparks fly when any of The Rogues clash with Captain Cold. This is especially true for Digger. At the beginning of the issue we see a bit of the fallout between he and Cold which results from him freeing Zoom.  Let us all rejo...

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Recharged for what? 0

I don´t think I´m enjoying all the mystery around the White Ring, the White Lantern, the Entity of Life and what is the plan involving Boston Brand and all the others 12 resurrected. Last issue I liked Boston Brand a lot, now it´s just not cool again. I think this plot isn´t so great and that´s the reason of all the mystery, but the stories revolving around this plot deserve credit, like the conclusion of the Hawkman and Hawkgirl saga: it was a very good finale and it made all the other issues -...

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Brightest Day #18 0

SummaryThe Hawkman/Hawkgirl story comes to a conclusion. Will they be able to defeat Shrike? Or will they die with no hope of resurrection. Meanwhile, the White Power Ring is charging, what happens when it gets to 100%?What I liked· Fan-service: The Hawkman and Hawkgirl story ends with a really cool conclusion that doesn’t make a lot of sense. However, it is done in such a way that it is just so cool that you simply do not care.· The Hawkman story: Now it has ended, I can safely say, it was good...

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