jacquenette_harper's Brightest Day #17 - Homecoming review

Brightest Day #17

The Good   

I really like the Boston's story that is developing. I was initially upset they brought him back (I mean he is (or was) Deadman) but I am loving him in Brightest Day. Definitely I good story, and I like the way it is going. The romance between him in Dove is good, and his story overall is developing well.

The Bad

The Hawkman and Hawkgirl portion of the story is kind of dragging on, it should have have been finished a long time ago. The fight on Zamaron wasn't very exciting, it could have been much better. The Firestorm story isn't very good in this issue, but it looks to be getting better.

The Verdict 

It was good at parts... but not the best. It's up to you to pick it up, if you are liking the Boston story, you should pick it up. But if you are like the Firestorm or Hawkman/Hawkgirl part, then you probably don't want to pick it up. So I give it a 3/5
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