matkrenz's Brightest Day #14 - Acrobats review

Well know I really like Deadman.

Issue 13 of Brightest Day.  

The Story:

We start with Boston jumping through Gotham using his acrobatics skills to get to  Bats to give him the White Lantern Ring but finds Mr.Freeze's goons and beating the crap out of them.But when Freeze appear's Batman comes in and break's his glass.Also Deadman asks how does Bat's knows that he is Deadman and he answers that he's Batman then Dove arrive's and Boston give's the ring to Bat's.The White Lantern power is talking trough Batman and says that Boston was pure when the web of life went corrupted since he was dead and that he should not force it on Bat's.One of Freeze's shoots Boston and we get flashback's from part's of Boston's life.First a conversation he had with his grandpa about living to be old is a privilege and should enjoy life,seeing an old girlfriend that he was an asshole to and finally the day at the circus were he got shot and we got reactions of everybody around him and Boston trying to have the other performer's to stop him from getting shot but of course fails.But he soon realize's that he does care about people but he wants to walk in his own shoe's to help people and the White Lantern power tell's him to stop hesitating and to do his job to find the new hero.When Boston wake's up,Batman is of course gone and Boston and Dove share a kiss. 


Finally Batman is talking to somebody about Max Lord.


The Good:

This is problably my favorite issue yet since the whole thing is about Boston Brand,the way he acted before he died and him coming to the realisation that life is more important than just cheeseburgers.Also I have no idea about how everybody else reacted to it but I hade this odd feeling that there was something between Dove and Boston.Please don't ask me why but ever since issue 7 I had this feeling and I am curious to how this will play out since in Brightest Day #0 we saw that Hawk and Dove also kissing,so I think this might cause Hawk to be even more pissed off and Dove trying to comfort him.I don't know that's just what I think but please comment on what you think might happen because of it.And as always the art is spectacular,especially with Boston doing acrobatics trough Gotham and Batman was a badass as always and since Generation Lost is my favorite Brightest Day tie-in the moment that happened at the end will hopefully go there to. 

The Bad:

It just comes down to the scene in the beginning with Boston's acrobatics being there just for fluff and to give Reis and Prado some pages to show off there skills.Also we only really continued one story in this issue but since I really enjoyed it,it's not that big a deal for me. 
The Verdict:This was a spectacular issue,giving us more depth to the main protagonist of this series to those that don't know much about him (like me) and also giving really fantastic art at the same time.This is a buy.
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