matkrenz's Brightest Day #13 - Under a Blood Red Sky review

Screw peace,woman like war.

Issue 13 of Brightest Day. 
The Story:We start with Hawkman with the Lion and Lizard tribes attacking the Hawk city and being AWESOME.He gets one of the hawk people to tell him were Shiera is.In the city Hath-Seth is giving his big villain speech to Shiera but she doesn't take any of his crap and spits in his eye.Queen Shrike gives a history lesson to Shiera about how she got to Hawkworld.In ancient Egypt Shrike married the the Pharoah because she knew that the previous incarnations of Hawkman and Hawkgirl were in love and stopped them.One day the Thanagarian ship crash landed in Egypt and they made them into weapons but the Pharoan was smart and did not want to go to war but Shrike killed him and went on conquering Egypt and she somehow ended up in Hawkworld.When Carter gets to the ritual site he fights against Shrike and we learn that Shrike can control Nth metal and Hath-Seth lands in between Shiera's legs (NOT LIKE THAT) and she snaps his neck.Shrike nails Carter on the arc made of the bones of the previous forms of the Hawks and makes a portal to Zamaron.In Gotham Boston and Dove contact the Resurrection Man to see if the White Lantern will go to him but Boston thinks that the ring was waiting for Bruce. 
The Good:The Hawks story is my second favorite,after Boston's story, and this issue was mainly about them and made huge progress with them I can't wait to see what happens next.Also I wonder how Bruce will be involved in the story.As always the art is extremly solid and the coloring was very good. 
The Bad:I taught that Hath-Seth's dead was extremely underwelming and was lost in the middle of the action with Shrike.Speaking of Shrike,HOW THE HELL DID SHE GET TO HAWKWORLD ? Shrike said that she went on a search for Nth metal and found Hawkworld .Can we know how she get there ? This is a huge plot hole and it better be explained,also I don't believe that if somebody is with any sort of mineral will gain the power to control it.Does this mean that if I spend the next 10 years next to a piece of iron I will be it's master ? Also I don't think I like the whole "2 story per issue format" it seems it's going to slow everything down.And finally this is the same complaint I saw people have with the "Road Home" one-shots,this takes place before The Return of Bruce Wayne # 6 of 6 is released and I want to know why it was pushed back so far. 
The Verdict:As much as I liked the issue since it mainly featured my second favorite story,im afraid that this series is going to be slower now but if it can have equal development for both story's than I can over look it.This is a buy but this really better if this story is your favorite.


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