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Brightest Day #13 - The jakob187 Review

As those reading this event know by this point, Brightest Day has been a hit-and-miss kind of series.  There are too many times where the story becomes too focused on one character that it somehow forgets about everything else that is going on.  Many have stated that if the series were released as a double-sized issue once a month, it would probably read better.  Brightest Day #13 definitely feels like it hits that sentiment over the head with a baseball bat, as the issue is weak for the ongoing event but strong for the characters involved. 
It's been a while since we've seen Hawkman and Hawkgirl's storyline in the series, so it's almost a bit refreshing that all but the last couple of pages are dedicated to them.  All of the master plans for Hawkgirl's mother and Hath-set are in place and moving forward, as they work to get the gate that Hath-set built with the bones of Hawkman and Hawkgirl's bodies from centuries past.  Everything in the issue, unfortunately, scoots by a little too fast.  The attack on the Nth City at the beginning seems pretty weak by most standards, the dialogue is incredibly lengthy when it could've been cut down significantly, and the backstory piece given by the now renamed Queen Shrike seems a bit contrived to conveniently fit with where the story needs to go.  The twist as to what happens with Hath-set, the gate, and Queen Shrike was a bit interesting, especially given the book that it ties into. 
The important part of the issue is the massive cliffhanger it leaves us on, which the solicits for issue #13 basically gave away.  It's interesting that the original David Finch cover of a White Lantern Batman were taken off this, more than likely either forgotten about or moved to a later issue...like the next one.  The variant asking "who will be the Earth protector" or whatever it says makes for a good giggle when the solicit has been out there for so long. 
I'm getting a bit nitpicky on things outside of the issue.  There were other problems I had with #13, like how heavy the inking on the pages are.  It's nice to see one consistent art style being used, but the heavy inks really offset the beauty that the art has in it.  The writing is incredibly dense for something that doesn't need to be dense, and it's this issue more than any previous ones that will leave you saying "where the hell is this going?".  While I'll still be picking the series up because I'm already deeply invested into it, I will officially say it:  drop this from your pull list.  Wait for the internet forums to be updated with info about what is happening or whatever, but please, drop this book.  The inconsistency is troubling when you realize that it's Geoff Johns writing this, and the stories just don't feel worthwhile anymore.  They said there was some grand vision to this, but at this point, that grand vision must've been "let's try and make B and C list characters worthwhile and cool again".  In the end, this series will more than likely be remembered as the most confusing and befuddling mess DC has made in a long while.


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