matkrenz's Brightest Day #12 - All This Useless Beauty review

I don't think that this story is done.

Issue 12 of Brightest Day. 
The Story:We start with J'onn arriving on Mars and the other martian,named D'kay,is waiting for him.And they talk and she says that they need each other to repopulate Mars but J'onn doesn't want to know any of this.And the two start fighting and we learn that D'kay made martians that couldn't be read by other martians to be read by them.So the high council of Mars imprisoned for 200 years and when she gets out,she was transported to Earth and goes completely undercover on Earth and forgets that she was martian and came back to her sense's when J'onn was resurected.And D'kay makes a hallucination of the Justice League attacking J'onn.On Earth Firestorm is following the Black Lanterns but the BL teleport to were the White Lantern is.Also Deadman and Dove are searching candidates that could be a White Lantern.Back on Mars J'onn gets mad and beats D'kay so bad he brings back Mars's forest and it's inhabitants,wich also include his wife and child.But it seems that D'kay is still controlling J'onn with her illusions.

The Good:J'onns story has definitely grown on me in the last couple of issue's and I really liked how this ended but still leaves some more story to tell.As always the art is still solid and we finally get more Deadmen because that's my favorite story.  
The Bad:It's been four issue's since we got the Hawks story and were finally getting it next issue.So this series has a problem of balancing it's story but it will problably sort itself out. 
The Verdict:This series is really good with great mysterie arcs for each character,even tough we don't see all of them.But for those characters that we see there story it is simply great.This is a buy.


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