matkrenz's Brightest Day #11 - Father's Day review

Blackest Night wont end.

This is the 11th issue of Brightest Day. 
The Story:We start this issue just as the last one,wich is Deathstorm (thats how he is calling himself) appearing and saying that he's going to hurt Ronnie and Jason and if he wants to do that properly he gets Dr.Stein and later on in the issue he gets Jason's dad.Meanwhile Aquaman and Black Manta are still fighting and tells Jackson tells him to run away.Back on Firestorms side Jason and Ronnie combine to fight but Deathstorm runs away to New Mexico to the White Lantern he picks it up and the Black Lantern versions of the returnes rise.For Aquaman he throws Black Manta into a truck gets in with Jackson and his adopted dad,makes Jackson open his chest and finds a map.FInally we see J'onn arriving on Mars and we see that a giant forest in the shape of the Black lantern symbole. 
The Good:Well Aquaman and Black Manta are still written as bad-asses and I hope they will be written like this if Aquaman gets a series again and we get more of a mysterie to his return.But i have to wonder since technically Aquaman found Jackson shouldn't the White Lantern tell him he's officially back.Also it seems that J'onn's story might be ending since the forest he has to burn is on burn.And i have to say that Deathstorm is awesome,he's a little bit annoying but he's definitely crazy wich I like. 
The Bad:We only had the two same stories for the last two issues and I want a revolving characters story like in 52 but hopefully we are going to look into another storie because Hawkman and Hawkgirl's storie has barely progressed since issue 8. 
The Verdict:This issue almost felt like a filler issue but it was entertaining enough that it didn't fell like one to me.And I am hopping that another storie will be progressed in the next issue.This issue is a buy.

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Posted by The Mighty Monarch

Wait, what was that about J'onn, I'm confused >< The forest he has to burn is on burn?

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