matkrenz's Brightest Day #10 - A Change is Gonna Come review

Almost killing your son isn't a good thing Black Manta.

10th issue of Brightest Day. 
The Story:We start the issue with Dr.Stein is doing tests with Firestorm (Jason and Ronnie) and see's that Firestorm can't transform things depending on the knowledge of the users and that Firestorm is also changing into a final form and is becoming the biggest threat in the universe.Then Aquaman and Mera swimming towards Jackson and Aquaman tells Mera that he needs to think about everything thats been happening lately.Then we see Jackson is being taken by his father to there cottage and his dad tells him that Mera came to them 15 years ago and gave him to them and also a chest  that only Jackson can open.And they get attacked by Black Manta and are chased for a little and as for the car scene was forced to me.Then Jackson uses his powers on his own dad but falls and when Manta launches a mini harpoon at Jacksons adopted dad but is caught by Aquaman.Back to Firestorm Dr.Stein tells that they have to be at an emotional equal if they don't want to destroy the universe but it seems Black Lantern Firestorm appears out of regular Firestorm. 
The Good:This issue was great because it added more weight on the Firestorm story and i am starting to like the 2 story per issue since it's good to have a good progression for each story.Also the art is as always amazing and should continue.Also i am suprised that like Aquaman since i was one of those people that tought that Aquaman was a lame hero but if this is how he's going to be written than i am onboard with it.Also i wasn't really caring for the Firestorm story but this is making it more interesting.

The Bad:The pacing is slowed and that is all. 
Verdict:This series has been really picking up since issue 7 and i am really interested how everything will end.I say that is issue is a buy.


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