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Chucky's former girlfriend and follower recovers his tattered remains and re-performs the ritual that put him in the doll in the first place. Afterwards Chucky kills Tiffany and uses that very same ritual to put her soul into a bride doll. Chucky ten plans to recover and amulet that was buried with his human body.

To do so he gets Tiffany to convince her neighbor, Jesse, to take the dolls to New Jersey in exchange for cash. Jesse convinces his girlfriend Jade to take the trip with him. All along the trip Chucky and Tiffany leave a trail of corpses in their wake, including Jade's Police Officer uncle, Warren. After a friend of theirs discover the body of the uncle, the dolls reveal themselves and take the trio hostage.

Upon arriving at the gravesite they discover a medical examiner already in the plot. Jade recovers the amulet, but Jesse takes Tiffany hostage. They exchange the women and Chucky throws a knife into Jesse's back. Just as they are about to perform the ritual Tiffany attacks Chucky and during the scuffle Jesse takes the opportunity to push a severely wounded Chucky into his own grave.

A private investigator arrives right as Jade shoots Chucky multiple times and the couple are proven innocent for all the murders the dolls committed. The screen cuts back to a badly damaged Tiffany springing to life and giving birth before dying. The baby doll attacks private investigator as the credits start to roll.







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