Why do people hate Bendis so much?

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I'm a person who is new to marvel comics, and I just wanted to ask why do so many viners hate the writer Brian Micheal Bendis so much. I hear all the time in forums about how Bendis is a bad writer or how Bendis doesn't have a soul. So I wanna ask why do so many people have a problem with Bendis?

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Remember that kid in school who said he knew karate so the other kids who said they knew karate wouldn't beat him up? Now imagine that kid writing comics.

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Bendis was not always a bad writer. His early days were pretty damn good. His 1st run of Ultimate Spider-Man, breath taking. But since then, he thinks that he can run all of Marvel, and has been ruining canon with everything good in the MU. His Avengers run is terrible, thank god he is leaving that soon, and he is not trying to do the X-Men. Lame.

He is like a villain. Everyone said he had great potential, then he used that potential to wipe his ass and do bad things.

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@spideyfan69: he is not bad but he can only write crime or noir stories.

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I like his creator owned stuff like Powers and Scarlet, but I stay clear of his Marvel stuff.

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I don't care what anyone says about...yeah his Avengers stuff isn't very good but Ultimate Spider-man has been consistently one of Marvel's best titles for years

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He can tend to write characters one dimensionally, but he will employ friend banter type dialogue to create a sort of artificial depth. So say a character like Ares who was written as a deep and complicated badass character, under Bendis sort of becomes a character that will act like a macho bruiser and make jokes about killing and woman. Not necessarily inherently bad, but one character has more depth and complexity than the other, and the other one is probably more accessible to casual fans of comics. Now what I just said about Ares can be applied to so many characters Bendis has written, Sentry is just a crazy insane guy, Noh Varr is just some teenage alien kid, Ms Marvel is there to be a punch line for fat jokes, Luke Cage is all about being a daddy oh and all the characters become quippy as well. Fans on message boards tend to know how other writers write characters prior to Bendis or alongside him, and also the stories these characters were in, and so Bendis inconsistency can rub many the wrong way. The more extreme dislike can come if a persons favorite character is really mischaracterized by Bendis, to the extent they consider them ruined.  

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He's bad? Really? I've always liked him. Ultimate Spiderman has always been my favorite rendition of comic Spiderman, while he was working on it.

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hes a good writer infact hes a really good writer im reading spidermen and its awesome. In my experise most of the bendis haters are thor fans who refer to seige and i think his thor run (i am not sure if he ever did a thor run) but yea seige was ok not as bad as most people make out to be.

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There is nothing that I can find wrong with his Ultimate Spider-Man run.

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I think most people like his Ult Spider man or his earlier crime work.

However, if you read his avengers stories while also reading characters individual ongoing series by other authors, they are so different that you think they were different characters. I think that is why most people hate him. I loved Bucky Barnes as Captain America that Brubaker wrote because he wrote such a complex character. Bucky in the Avengers was really blah and not really interesting.

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Bastard ruined moon knight. Off with his head.

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I think his Ult Spider-man work is amazing. He made 1610 Spider-Man so popular that people hated him when he killed him off, then got Miles Morales to be appreciated by the community. My problem with him comes when he does work for the 616 mainstream. His avengers work isn't the best (though I enjoyed New Avengers), for example I think he could have handled Thanos better in the Avengers Assemble arc. I feel that Thanos seemed to one dimensional compared to previous roles- and takes away from the character development Thanos has shown in Infinity War, Annihilation, The Thanos Imperative, HOTU and Blood and Thunder. It also doesn't help that Thanos has gone for the cosmic cube before.

But my own personal gripe is with him making 616 Spider-Man job. In Spider-Men, which was admittedly very good, Peter is taken down by Miles despite being faster, stronger and more durable, and having much more experience and recently mastering a new and highly effective martial art form. It also seemed very out of character for Peter to attack Miles like that- But Hey Ho, maybe its just me......................

I can also point to other instances in the Avengers too.

But I think he's a talented writer, who I think should focus most of his time and effort on the 1610 continuity.

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@z3ro180: it didnt go anywhere,bad dialog, all picture no writing and why was asgard so powerless...bendis sucks

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hrmm bendi is interesting on the one hand you have books like ult spiderman, daredevil, and the 2 x men books on the other hand you have AvX and AoU also there is the avengers and he is always tasked with killing off who ever needs to be killed to be honest i think he is a good writer but he should really limit his load and maybe put his sythe away he is like that nerd in school that was just doing too much for his own good

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He writes boring and uninteresting Marvel events which sometimes don't even match up with whats ongoing at the same time, i.e. AoU and AvX. I can't remember reading anything recently written by Bendis that I actually enjoyed.

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