Brian Michael Bendis writes too much...

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Unlike many fans, I think BMB is a good writer. Powers is an example of great story-telling by the guy and although his Marvel work can be hit or miss, I think he's among the upper echelon of comic book writers.

That being said, the guy writes TOO many books.

If I'm not mistaken, Bendis writes all the Avengers books, some Ultimate Marvel books and his own creator works every month. And as a result, I think there's definitely some shoddy work out there...especially since some of those Avengers books have entire issues where NOTHING happens but stilted chatter between the characters (HATE HATE HATE his style of having multiple word balloons interrupting each other).

I'm not a Bendis hater. I'm actually a fan. Nevertheless, I think writing too many characters a month dilutes the quality of the books he works on.

Anyone else agree?

#2 Posted by Jake Fury (21321 posts) - - Show Bio

His Ultimate Spider-Man is awesome. I tried getting into his Avengers books but neither of them interested me. I have not read Scarlett.
#3 Posted by Gambit1024 (10217 posts) - - Show Bio

I like Bendis, but the dude has to take a break from the Avengers or stop writing them all together. He did much more harm than good there.


Utimate Spider-Man was great back when it started. I stopped reading after, like, issue 70

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He really needs to stop writing the Avengers, or at least one of the books. He was alright when he started and I liked him bringing in characters like The Hood, but he's getting tiring now, and it's like every other panel he has to make a character say a joke or something immature now. It's a shame that more people preferred his stuff to the Dan Slott stuff (which while not perfect, at least felt like the Avengers), and he still keeps getting high ratings. I'm glad he's not writing Bucky anymore. He wrote him as a complete noob.

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He needs to stop writing in 616 altogether. He can go write in Ultimate, just stay the hell away from the real characters.

#6 Posted by venomoushatred1001 (12360 posts) - - Show Bio

He should stick with Ultimate Spider-man and NO ONE ELSE.
#7 Posted by Hoboseid (1043 posts) - - Show Bio

BMB works great with small work loads, he should take a break from writing big team books and be giving his own smaller section of the Marvel universe to mess around with so if he does make an error it can be fixed in one book and the fallout won't leak across the whole Marvel Universe
#8 Posted by Mercy_ (92970 posts) - - Show Bio

He's like Fraction, only to a worse degree. He does well with characters that don't really have an established continuity because there's nothing there for him to screw up and he gets to write his own little fan-fictions (because let's face it, that's what he writes) without utterly destroying 616 characters. 

#9 Posted by SirJig (9 posts) - - Show Bio

It's called greed, ego and not knowing your limitations. I think the only reason Powers holds up (mostly) is due to Oeming being able to rein Bendis in.

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