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The group was formed by Bill Nelson, a cop who had lost faith in the justice system. He wanted criminals to get the proper punishment. Lots of cops joined him, and the cause evolved; eventually they started to kill criminals. It was then that Bill felt they went too far, and wanted to expose the group. Brethren agreed to get rid of him. One day when he walked down the street with his wife, he was gunned down with three shots.
Years later, Brethren of the Blue Fist still operated in secret. They recruited their men out of police academy. One of their latest recruits was woman named Greer Sorenson. Lot of their executions were stopped by police and seemed that there was a mole in the group. To top that a hero named Tigra had taken interest in their work, and the Brethren wanted the new recruit Greer to kill her. Right then when the leader of the Brethren told Greer the mission; she turned herself into Tigra, and revealed her true name, Greer Grant Nelson; the wife of Bill Nelson. She brought the leader of the Brethren to police and exposed them. The group was then disbanded.

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