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Brentwood is a clone of Lexington, his creation ultimately comes from a plan of Thailog , with help from Demona and Dr.Sevarius. During Lexington's turn of guarding Demona, in the Labyrinth, Demona released a robotic mosquito which extracted Lexington's DNA. Using the sample, Sevarius ultimately creates Brentwood, and in which Thailog began his subliminal programming to make the new gargoyle loyal only to him and with the ability of only very basic speech.
Shortly after Thailog leads the clone clan into battle against the Manhattan Clan, but following their loss and Thailog's presumed death, Talon ultimately invites the clones to join them in the Labyrinth ultimately forming the Labyrinth Clan, and Talon begins teaching them verbs, and instilling them with ability to think for themselves.
Shortly after this Thailog arrives at the Labyrinth, to reclaim the clones seeing them as his property, despite Talon's attempts of instilling them with free will, the clones give into old habits, shortly after following Thailog, out of the Labyrinth and to the Eryie building. Shortly after this a battle with the Manhattan clan began on the roof of the Eryie Building, while Brentwood sat on the side's thinking, after the battles end all of the clones went back to the Labyrinth, except Brentwood who decided that Thailog's way was ultimately better then the freedom life in the Labyrinth could offer him.

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