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Brenda was created by Paul Tobin as a character of "Falling Skies". She appeard in the comics only and was never mentioned in the TV series either.

Falling Skies (the comics)

After the invasion of the Earth Brenda joined the 2nd Mass at some point. It looks like the was a soldier of the US Army before the invsion but this wasn't revealed.

She was seen out on a mission with Captain Dan Weaver, Dai, Anthony and a few unnamed fighters of the 2nd Mess. The mission was a success because they lead to Mechs into a trap and destroyed them. Later Brenda was right there after the 2nd Mess found some civillians. The 2nd Mess wanted the civillians back at their "headquarter" but after a few blocks, a grocery store caused a problem. One woman was hungry and was going right into the store even when Brenda doesn't allowed it. After the woman walked into the stare, she pulled the trigger of a trap. The woman and Brenda died during the explosion of the grocery store.

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