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Brenda Buckler had lost her husband David, who was an astronaut. She flew a small spacecraft along with two team member in search of him. After eight months in space they arrived on the same planet where David was supposed to be. They encountered a strange alien with multiple eyes and tentacles. The alien grabbed Brenda, but her teammates fired upon the alien. The alien released Brenda and consumed one of her team members. Brenda and Jorg ran to a cave, but the alien managed to find them, and consumed Jorg as well. Brenda thought it was her turn to die and ran for her life, but didn't get far. But the alien didn't eat her, he grabbed her and lead her across the alien land. Brenda eventually even started to trust him. The alien lead Brenda to an old city. There she found a psycho-dome. She used it and was shown the memories of her husband David. David crashed on the planet and was almost dead, the aliens experimented on him and implanted his brains into one of the aliens body. Brenda realized that the alien leading her around was indeed her husband. She decided to stay on the planet with David.

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