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Breakdown was a housewife until the pressure of everyday life caused her to have a nervous breakdown. The great emotional strain that her body was mentally and physically put under triggered her latent mutant powers which only further depressed her. Seeking out help Breakdown eventually turned to the New Life Clinic which was run by Scramble who promised to cure her, but instead, kept her captive for sometime. She was eventually freed by Aurora along with several other patients.

The group of patients were eventually recruited by Bedlam to combat Alpha Flight, but eventually Breakdown and her teammates were slain and obliterated by Bedlam the Living Brain Blast when she and her fellow Derangers turned against him to help Alpha Flight.  


Breakdown was created by Bill Mantlo and Terry Shoemaker in 1987 and first appeared in Alpha Flight # 48. 

Powers and abilities

Self Detonation: Breakdown can transform into a volatile energy state that shatters into dangerously explosive particle clusters, then reforms into her organic human appearance.

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