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Major Story Arcs

Marvel Comics Continuity

Generation 1

Generation 2

G.I. Joe vs. The Transformers

Dreamwave Continuity

IDW Comics Continuity

Powers & Abilities

Brawn is one of the strongest Autobots around, able to lift up to 190,000 lbs. by himself and knock down small buildings with a single punch. He also has some of the highest endurance and resistance to artillery fire among the Autobots.

Other Media

Brawn in the Transformers: Generation 1 cartoon

Transformers (1984 - Brawn appears in the Transformers Generation 1 show, as one of the main Autobots during season 1 and 2.

Brawn in Transformers: Animated

Transformers: Animated (2007) - Brawn makes a very short appearance in Transformers: Animated.

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