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In the Universe of Earth-Battleworld, Balder is the son of Thor and the Enchantress. His half brother was Vincent Von Doom since Enchantress soon left Thor for Dr.Doom . Being a full blooded Asgardian God, He was able to attain Supernatural Powers as well as some Mystical abilities taught by The Enchantress. This fueled the rivarly and resentment that already existed in Vincent. Balder's ultimate dream was to wield the great weapon Mjolnir but in the end and despite is multiple attempts to wield it he fails each and every time.


He was also one of the heroes to ban together againts his own brother Vincen who took on the title of Malefactor. Balder along with several other friends such as Torrent, Firefly, and Mustang they joined up wih Crusader in forming the New Avengers. The fighting between the two individuals ceased when Malefactor was punished by his father Dr.Doom as well as the arrival of The Incredible Hulk.

In the end they were not able to go back to their original earth and ended up in a world plagued with sentinels. Balder and rest of the group decided to stay and liberate the place of the current threat as the Avengers.

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