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One of the most distinctive characters in the WildStorm Universe returns in an exciting new miniseries!     

One of the most distinctive heroes in the WildStorm Universe returns in BRASS, an explosive 6-issue miniseries that brings the one-man fighting force back with a vengeance, reinventing the character for the 21st century.  

Written by John Arcudi (JLA: SUPERPOWER, MAJOR BUMMER), with art by Carlos D'Anda (DIVINE RIGHT: THE ADVENTURES OF MAX FARADAY) and BRASS originator Richard Bennett (who provides the covers), BRASS #1 reintroduces Hershel Goldstein, a man who is decidedly unheroic. Not terribly bright, not particularly ambitious, Hershel wanders through life, never managing to hold down even the most menial of jobs for very long. Blaming others for his problems every chance he gets, he could charitably be described as a whiner, a misfit, and a lazy bum. In other words: a loser. Except, of course, when there's trouble. There's a hero inside Hershel Goldstein, and we mean literally inside him. This hero is a giant cyborg that can level an enemy fleet all by himself, loving every second of the carnage.  

The cyborg is named Brass, and he's everything Hershel is not: a fighter who welcomes any challenge, a winner in every sense of the word. But what is the secret of his surprising transformation? Could whatever it is that changes Hershel Goldstein into a one-man army be a worse threat than anything Brass has ever faced? By the time it's all over, the fate of more than one world will be decided, and BRASS will leave a permanent mark on the WildStorm Universe.







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