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Brief History

Brandy teamed with Daredevil to release caged animals from her father Skip Ash's farm, but in the process accidentally released Number Nine . Brandy was later killed in a battle with Mephisto and became an angel.

Major Story Arcs

Lone Stranger

For more information see: Lone Stranger


Brandy frees the animals from her father Skip's farm. During this she unknowingly frees Number Nine.


Brandy meets Number Nine for the first time and is sickened by her willingness to want to please a man.

The Billion Dollar Ashtray

Brandy is surprised when her father sends Shotgun to kill her. She helps Daredevil defeat the bounty hunter and save Number Nine.

When Inhumans Strike

Brandy reveals to Daredevil that she has been making a file of all her father's illegal actions. The pair then use this information to attempt to blackmail Skip into stopping his illegal ways. There plan is interrupted when Skip arrives and tries to kill Daredevil but is out maned. Brandy does come to her father's aide and begs Daredevil not to hurt him. Brandy is also there when the Inhumans Gorgon and Karnak arrive to question Skip on the missing Inhuman.

Acts of Vengeance

When Ultron comes to kill Daredevil but kidnaps Number Nine, Brandy tries to help Daredevil but she is out matched and is forced to watch helplessly with her father Skip from the sidelines.

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