Favorite brainiac animated

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Superman the animated series

Legion of superheroes with armor

Legion of superheroes

Justice League unlimited

Justice league unlimited brainiac 5

Legion of superheroes

Justice league twlight

Name your favorite brainiac. Which you do think is the smartest,strongest and the most impossiple to kill you may post pictures of one if it is not there but remeber answer the question about smartest,strongest and most impossible to kill.

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LSH, I'd say.

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Legion of superheroes for sure

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This should be in the Brainiac Forums

they're at the bottom of the page....and you should know that

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Is this even a question?

The DC Animated Universe.

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DC animated for sure. The Legion's Brainiac looks too overblown and more like a spaceship. The Justice League Unlimited is okay but it was hard to see Lex's face over Brainiac's signature voice. There's a reason why they stuck with the design from Superman TAS.

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DCAU redefined the character of Brainiac..so I pick him

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I like the legion of superheroes Brainiac

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I must say, I adore the Superman TAS Brainiac. So him

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