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Brad Wolverton is the half human/half alien child of Steve Wolverton and Harriet Wolverton. His father was an Alaskan lumberjack. His mother was a gruesome alien that crash landed on Earth. The two got married and while his father continued to be a Lumberjack his mother became a housewife. While his sister Tiffany Wolverton had a frighteningly ugly face, but a killer body, Brad had a horrible alien body but a handsome human face. His sister got along by dating short Australians who liked big breasts, but because of his terrible body Brad could not find a girl to date him.

One day Brad was walking along contemplating suicide. His ugly body turned away all of the girls, and he was terribly lonely. When he came to a bridge he found a little Eskimo Girl who plunged herself into the freezing waters below. Brad jumped in and saved her life. The Eskimo Girl told Brad that she was blind and could no longer help support her family. She and Brad eventually married because she could not see him.

One day a doctor told the Eskimo Girl that there was a procedure that would allow her to see again. She did it and when she saw what she had married she gouged out her eyes. After recuperating in the hospital she did not remember what had occurred, so the pair could continue to be together. All was fine until a crazy jealous Australian ex-boyfriend of his sister's burned the house down killing the entire Wolverton family.


Brad's body is green and gruesome, with claws for hands. Other than having a terribly ugly alien body, Brad has no other special features or abilities.

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