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Launched by Odhams Press on 26th January 1963, Boys' World's more notable strips included Interpol secret agent Merlo the Magician, archaeologist Pike Mason, Bret Million: The Angry Planet (inspired by / ripping off Harry Harrison's Deathworld), The Ghost World (about a human colony on an alien planet originally believed to be uninhabited until the settlers discover the hostile natives are invisible to the human eye because they move at superhuman speeds), Dr. What and his Time Clock (a pastiche of Doctor Who), The Iron Man (a robot adventurer), and Billy Binns (whose supernatural spectacles granted the unwitting boy special powers). However, probably the best remembered strip in Boys' World was Wrath of the Gods, an epic fantasy initially drawn by Ron Embleton, which told the tale of Arion, who was charged to find the lost weapons of Ajax by Zeus, facing numerous mythological challenges along the way. Boys' World was cancelled after 89 issues on 3rd October 1964 and merged into Eagle. Billy Binns and The Iron Man were among the strips that survived the merger.

Numbering note

Boys' World was numbered by volumes, with the first year being Volume 1, and the first issue of 1964 restarting the numbering as Volume 2, Number 1. There were 49 issues in the first year and 40 in the second. The numbers below are Volume/number - hence #128 is issue 28 of volume 1, while #239 would be issue 39 of volume 2.

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