New Fables reader

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I just started reading fables and Boy Blue is one of my favorites, I hope he gets more plot time. Other then Blue I like Bigby Wolf.

How does everyone else like the comic? The art put me off at first but I am getting used to it.

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I like it :D I've only read a little bit of it but I got G-man into it and I know he loves it too :D

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Walkingstone says:

"I like it :D I've only read a little bit of it but I got G-man into it and I know he loves it too :D"

Iwanted to start reading it for a couple years now but I'm gonna pick it up as tpb's

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Boy do I love it. I first read the couple issues that Mike Alllred did. Then at the end of June I read through the first couple trades and soon went and picked up every single one. It also helps that my little girl is into some of the characters like Beauty and Beast, Snow White, etc. It's really interesting to see an "adult" take on these characters. It's brilliant. There are some spoilers on the Fables "team" page so if you plan on reading, you shouldn't check that out. You really don't want to spoil things for yourself.

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Oh yeah, Blue does have a huge role later...

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He does but he dies :(. But then again he might come back, a lot of the animal fables have made a weird cult after him

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