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Box is the son of Zachary Johnson (Jack-In-The-Box II) from a possible future. Zack died before Box (whose real name is unknown) was born. Upon discovering his dad was a superhero, he decided to live up to his legacy. As such, he turned himself into a cyborg to become a superhero. However, he found the amount of crime (even when he was killing people) was overwhelming. Blaming Zack for "failing" to stop crime, Box went back in time to murder Zack. He teamed up with Jackson (a son of Zack from another possible future) to kill Jack-In-The-Box II. However, Zack managed to capture him with a magnet (due his Box's implants) in a junk yard. After being sent to prision, the effects of the time travel wore off and was sent back to his time.


Box has cyborg implants that gives him super powers. He can extend his legs in a similar manner of Zack's "footapaults". He has a robotic arm that can he strech and retract into a box where his shoulder should be. At the end of his arm is a puppet "Jacky Justice". Jacky seems to be able to change whatever weapon it is holding (as his weapons changes between panels).

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