etragedy's Box Office Poison #1 review

Box Office Poison: The Trials and Tribulations of (Seemingly) Real Life People

Box Office Poison covers ground seldom trodden on by mainstream comic books. It deals with real world relationships in a way that could believably be non-fiction. The first issue follows four twenty-somethings as they try to make a life for themselves, post college in Park Slope, Brooklyn at the time that neighborhood was experiencing rapid growth.

The artwork is fairly crude, but it is effective in getting across the story, and the characters are all very believable. I hope it can continue to maintain this level of sophistication going forward.

Edited by lykopis

Sounds very interesting -- something I can see myself getting into. Thanks for the heads up.

Posted by CrazyScarecrow

Looks interesting! Hopefully I can find a place that sells it.

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