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Box (Roger Bochs)

The original Box robot was controlled externally by a person wearing a helmet. The helmet transformed psions from the wearer's mind into electrical impulses broadcast to Box. The wearer only needed to will Box to perform an action to cause Box to do it. The helmet allowed its wearer to perceive mentally the sensory data registered by Box; the wearer "saw" and "heard" what Box perceived.

Box Armor II

First Appearance Alpha Flight Issue #22

Madison Jeffries helped rebuild the Box robot. The new version of the Box robot was a vast improvement over the old. Jeffries constructed the robot out of "Living Metal", allowing Bochs to phase his entire body into the robot.

Box (Walter Langkowski)

First appearance as Box Alpha Flight Issue #24

After Langkowski's death his teammates traveled to the realm of the Great Beasts to recover his soul, but a preservation spell cast by Alpha's resident sorcerer, Shaman, failed to prevent Langkowski's body from crumbling to dust. In desperation, Shaman projected the soul into the robot exoskeleton of Box.

Box (Madison Jeffries)

First Appearance as Box Alpha Flight Issue #46

First Appearance of Box Armor III Alpha Flight Issue #48

When Roger Bochs cadaverous legs began to rot, he also lost control of his sanity. Jeffries was forced to use his powers to phase into the Box armour, pushing Roger outBox (Walter Langkowski). Jeffries, who was now inside the Box armor used his powers, to alter the design of the Box armor. Box contains many different devices to fill various functions. In fact, Jeffries can use his psionic powers to create new equipment for Box, or to modify existing devices within Box, or to alter Box's shape, in any way that he can conceive that is physically possible

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