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 The Bouncer clad himself in a brown clad suit and called it Elastalloy. He molded the suit into body armor and the property of Elastalloy protected the wearer from shock.

The Bouncer was able to bounce great distances without harm. Batman Robin stretched their suits to the elastic limit which would cause their suits to be encapable of regaining its original size and shape. The Dynamic Duo placed electrodes on thier suits. They circled the villian while allowing a cold beam to pass through them and quickfreeze The Bouncer.

The cold beam could not have worked soon enough as Batman and Robin narrowly escaped.

The Bouncer again came into conflict with Batman, this time a henchmen of The Monarch of Menace. He would be swiftly defeated by The Caped Crusader.

He would not be seen for years until facing Superboy and The Ravers.

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