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Boq is a rich Munchkin who provides shelter for Dorothy Gale on her journey to the Emerald City. While the novel initially depicts Dorothy meeting only three Munchkins when she meets the Good Witch of the North, there is a small party at Boq's mansion (consisting of his closest friends and five fiddlers) celebrating the Wicked Witch's demise that welcomes Dorothy as guest of honor. Boq waits upon her himself, offering her fruit, nuts, cakes, and pies. He is also the one who informs her that only witches and sorceresses wear white, and that combined with Munchkin blue in her gingham dress, this implies to them that she is a friendly witch. He tells Dorothy that he has never been to the Emerald City and does not know exactly how far away that it is, for he believes that one should never go there unless one has business with the Wizard of Oz.

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