Review: Booster Gold #33

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Booster must go back in time in order to prove of Maxwell Lord's existence in this literally laugh out loud issue of Booster Gold.... BRIGADOOM!

The Good

There's a lot of comics out there that I've heard people say are funny, and then I read them quickly learning that they are not funny at all. This book actually is funny. It makes me LLOL. (Literally laugh out loud) Most of this issue is Booster Gold being Booster Gold, meaning he's just hanging out in costume talking to other costumed heroes with comedic dialogue. The art works perfectly with the writing: Over-exaggerated facial features, bright colors, and think outside character inking, really compliments the comedy. It feels like it could easily translate to an Adult Swim show. (DC/Adult Swim, make this happen!) Even though there is only a little bit of action in this book, and dialogue pretty much drives the story, I never found myself bored with the issue. Aside from the comedy, I really enjoyed the story. I didn't get a chance to read Justice League: Generation Lost, which this follows, but the dialogue filled me in with what happened, which is always a plus. It's not a quick read, but that doesn't really matter. This was well worth the time.

The Bad

I thought I had about 8 pages left to read, and I quickly realized it was a preview for the O'Neil Batman book. This displeased me.

The Verdict - 4.5/5

I used to read this book religiously, but dropped off after 14 issues, so I wasn't that religious about reading it. I recommend picking up the issue prior to this, although this really does stand alone on its own. If you've ever enjoyed this character or the JLI, pick this book up. You will not be disappointed. You may actually LLOL. (Literally laugh out loud)
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Nice. I'm loving Generation Lost, especially Booster. The previous arcs were really good, but Giffen writing it makes it really shine. I still haven't read this issue, but I can only assume it will be as great as ever :P

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This was a pretty good issue, that I think all hardcore Booster Gold fans should read & like.

#3 Posted by Benzo (619 posts) - - Show Bio

Gotta love Booster Gold! :D

#4 Posted by longbowhunter (7753 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm a big fan of this creative team, but I'm really missing Dan Jurgens too.
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Booster Gold is pretty cool!

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