How I would relaunch a Booster Gold ongoing in the DCnU

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With the news that JLI is probably being canceled I realized that one of my favorite characters Booster Gold will once again be without a home. One of the BIGGEST dissapointments of the New 52 to me was its treatment of Booster Gold who had a received a tremendous development since 52 and which was all lost with the relaunch. In fact its one of the main reasons I had dropped JLI after its first arc.

Now if JLI is being canceled this would be the perfect time to relauch Booster in his own ongoing. The greatest thing that could happen in this series, to me at least is if it was relauched like this.

Booster Gold wakes up one morning after the disbanding of the JLI and is struck with a massive headache. All of a sudden memories of his Pre Flashpoint life start coming back to him along with the events of Flashpoint. This happens due to him being the only other main DCU character that made it into the Flashpoint event other than the Flash himself, and his previous time traveling and multiverse saving activities. This gives Booster a new mission. To find travel the timestream and find out what exactly happened to the DCU and why it was altered like it is. But first he has to find a timesphere and Rip Hunter!

Well at least I think it would be cool

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@noj: I'd read it.

I have to say, I've been creating my own internal narrative that basically follows things as you've articulated them so far... almost like a hidden story we haven't been told at this point... there were certainly some major threads or seeds that were planted during his Flashpoint crossover issues that never came to fruition, particularly the mysterious raven haired girl who was subsequently replaced with Godiva...

I'm not ruling out that Booster could end up knowing more than he is saying... I'm not wanting it to turn into a return pre-FP style story... but I like the concept of Booster needing to explore the Time Stream to figure out what actually happened...

Also, even with the JLI disbanding, I'm guessing there will still be plenty of appearance opportunities for Michael, especially ones that might fit the earlier depiction of the character.

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personally i liked the JLI but if booster got his own series again (we hope) id love to see some development between him and Godiva as it could be a comical relationship

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I was in shock to hear that JLI was canceled but I think Booster Gold should joined the Justice League and help them. I know the Justice League do not like him or his funny jokes and can be annoying to the Justice League but I think he shold join them or maybe have his own series again. Booster Gold is a Canadian superhero from Toronto and also maybe the only Canadian hero on the Justice League team or in his own series again.

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