Booster Gold #1 -- Everybody is getting it, right?

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#51 Posted by ScoodleDaddle (642 posts) - - Show Bio


I for one liked all of the character development Hal got.

#52 Posted by Methos (40103 posts) - - Show Bio

i loved it...

The development Hal went though after the death of Superman upto Final Night was amazing... i really loved the character during that time...

he felt more human, a superhero that makes mistakes, grieves and was human like the rest of us... he lost everything during the death of Superman story, when he went mad with grief i think everyone sympathized with him...

now they've taken all that away and said he was under and parasites control, which really doesn't fit right with how he died... a parasite would want to keep it's host alive as long as possible, not kill it... so why did he sacrifice his life during Final Night?

retcon always misses the big stuff lol


#53 Posted by ScoodleDaddle (642 posts) - - Show Bio

To be honest, I think Hal was at his best when he was the host for the Spectre.

#54 Posted by Methos (40103 posts) - - Show Bio

while i enjoyed the Hal / Specter storyline i just didn't feel that's what the character was supposed to be...

to me, the height of Hal's character was the Parallax storyline between the Death of Superman and Final Night... that just felt right to me, the emotion was there in the comics, everyone could see what the character was going through and most people would admit they'd do exactly the same thing in the same situation


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