Batman vs. Booster Gold?

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Is this the end of Booster Gold? How do you feel about Dick Grayson's first appearance in a title not his own? Do you think he is "Batman material"?
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SUNMAN also reviewed this a few days ago, and he let me know that Dan Jurgens did the art for this issue, and showed a few panels from the comic.  Looked like it had some humorous moments to it. 

  BG seems like he's always been used as comic relief in DC.  With the events concerning Ted Kord's death and the new Blue Beetle, I don't know if another comedy team-up will ever be created again with these two characters as in the past. 

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I'll have a look at this tomorrow, I've always had a soft spot for Booster.  I don't know why they've added the new BB to this title though.  Maybe I'm just a softie when it came to the classic Blue Beetle & Booster Gold from the 80's Justice League :)

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I think you only picked it because Batman was on the

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Booster Gold to me is like the endpieces of bread as far as superheroes go, lol. NO ONE WANTS THEM.

Just the idea of the mental baggage that must be coming with Nightwing taking the responsibility of the cowl is just very interesting to me though. Coupled with the fact that hes also got Damian and his ever growing aroogance to worry about. I dont see Damian maintaining his position as Robin very long so...all in all i'm just very pleased with and compelled to follow the things going on...

...and this is coming from someone who loves to keep it Marvel.
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im just glad that babs doesn't use an annoying voice when she reads directly from the book.

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Join the Booster Gold Fan Club. TODAY!

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It looks so...cheesy. Yet highly amusing.


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yeah i think the booster gold character is interesting

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Batman fighting Booster Gold? I always wanted those two heroes to fight each other. Babs did a good jop with that review.

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has anyone seen the brave and bold episode of this i thought it was great

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I hope Batman gave him the beat of his life! - Skeets looks weird by the way.

Has anybody here seen Booster Gold on JLU animated? « I thought you were the Grean Lantern»  =D classic....

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@reaper2923: Close! I was pleasantly surprised, actually! Booster Gold is a pretty funny character. I liked the way he was written in this so I figured it ight be worth talking about :)
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Booster Gold is one of my favorite books..It's actually fun unlike alot of "dark books"

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@Calvin: That was an awesome episode. 

Booster is really so underated, I used to get this series but around the 12 issue the story just went to shit, perhaps it has gotten better.
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Awesome, actually passed this one up because, being i time traveller, i thought Booster was just dealing with Bruce. Just DC trying to show just cuz he's dead doesn't mean they still can't write new stories with him y'know? Glad to hear it's not. I think i'll be heading to the shop to pick it up. I'm surprised you had to reserch him, I've always had so much respect for him. Imagine going into a situation knowing what'll happen in the end but not exactly how it's going to play it. I recommend finding anythng Booster Gold. OR read The Death of Superman. He has some great scenes early on in that. Thanks for the review. 

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Time traveling is always fun

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Someone close the blands on that window.  It was way to bright for this video.

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 Is that the comicvine office?
And you know BB in Teen Titans.

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