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Things are going bad for Booster. Three Legionnaires think he's come back in time to kill President Reagan and Vice President George Bush. Booster thinks Chameleon Boy is the assassin this leads to a big brawl. Meanwhile Chiller a real shape shifting assassin is getting away in a bullet proof limo with both targets.

Chiller take Reagan and Bush to an isolated farm so he can kill them both and take the identity of the President. Booster and the Legionnaires finally figure out who the real bad guy is and go to save the President just in time. Once the crisis is averted the Legionnaires figure Booster is not the bad guy and feel he is in his right time so they don't bring him back.

Later President Reagan honor Booster with the Medal of Honor. He quickly turn to Booster and asks his name. Booster was going to call himself Goldstar but he got nervous and all that came out was “Uhh...Booster... No, Gold...” So Reagan called him Booster Gold and the name stuck. This ends the flashback.

In the current time line Booster is doing a cologne add with actress Monica Lake, and the 1000 is torturing Benjamin Lindgren and Martin Kramer for information on Booster Gold.

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