gordon_kelly's Booster Gold #45 - Turbulence, Part Two review

Booster Gold Flashpoint Part 2

I enjoyed this part of the Flashpoint series in the Booster Gold storyline and now he has Doomsdays to fight back under Captain Atom control. I enjoyed the Booster Gold's series untill I heard the sad news that he will not have his series ongoing but ending this year in two mouths with the  DC Recap happing Booster Gold was on the cut list. We will see Booster Gold again in his new coustume and teaming up with Batman the Justice League International. Its been a fun ride reading Booster Gold adventures. I hope you all enjoy his next series in September Justice League International.
Posted by itisjack

I'm quite looking forward to reading this but forbiddenplanet is taking forever to deliver haha 

Posted by blur1528
@itisjack: forbiddenplanet?

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    I'm actually enjoying DC's Flashpoint event and Booster Gold seems to be playing a prominent role in it. Booster Gold's series is flying under the radar of many but it should be read. Along with Flash, Booster is the only DC hero that understands the timeline is messed up. That story continues in "Booster Gold" #45.  Dan Jurgens handles this book and it's a well constructed issue. Booster is still trying to piece together what has happened to the world he knows. He's mistaken as an Atlantean sc...

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