power_struggle55's Booster Gold #44 - Turbulence, Part One review

A man with no timeline

Ok what is there to say about the Booster Gold Flashpoint tie in issue. Well for one Im a huge Booster fan but havent read any other Flashpoint related issues but know enough. Booster being the time traveler and protector of the multiverse finds himself in a strange land....Coast City? Plus the army is attacking them for some reason. I wont explain any more. 
Now I enjoyed this issue mainly because of the fact that well its Booster Gold. But if anyone who hasnt read (like me) or know anything about Flashpoint, they might be confused to what the hell is going on. Despite the cover, Superman and Batman do not appear (well batman does in a flashback) and Cyborg only appears on a screen in the distance. 
I still enjoyed this issue but wish it had more.

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