ironhawk22's Booster Gold #44 - Turbulence, Part One review

FLASHPOINT: Booster Gold V.S. The Sea Devils!

Wow SPOILER but if you're on this page and saw the character list and the cover for #46 it's not that big! SPOILERS!!! Okay you were warned Doomsday?!?!? Now this is my single complaint for the issue Superman got killed by Doomsday and he is arguably the strongest super hero and no Spectre doesn't count he's anti-heroish sort of. So how is Booster Gold, The greatest hero you've never heard of going to survive I mean honestly he's a B+ or A- list hero. 
The story cold have been the worst story ever and the art would make up for it.  The art is great!
Perfect jump on point prime example I jumped on and I understand it all I already knew his origin and all but if you don't it's retold in two pages or three can't remember. Sea Devils make a quick cameo well Dane does and the fight Booster and get owned. Some funny diologue at times good diologue and a good cliffhanger good book.

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