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When Tie-Ins Make Sense

Booster has found himself in what he thinks to be one of the 52 worlds. How will he get back? And is he on another world, or is he truly on the Earth he knows and loves?

The Good

As the title states, I really love it when tie-ins to major story arcs makes sense and work on the page. Booster Gold is a time traveler, so his role in this story is more accidental than anything else, like most of Booster's adventures. It takes Booster most of the issue to figure out what's really going on. He's being attacked by the government left and right because they think Booster is Atlantian. A lot of this issue is just an introduction to the Flashpoint world.

Non-Booster readers, you're in for a treat. This is the perfect jump-on point for any new reader. It's the start of a new story-line, one that no reader is truly familiar with (even with reading Flashpoint #1, there's still tons of un-answered questions). Aside from it being a fresh story, there's also an abridged history of Booster Gold. If you've ever been interested in this character, then the quick little history page will catch you up.

If that hasn't persuaded you to read this book yet, then how about the fact that Dan Jurgens writes is and does the art? (Norm Rapmund does the finished art) This character is really Jurgens baby, and no one knows how to write him better than Dan.

The Bad

I have nothing really bad to write about this issue. To be honest, I don't expect it to be something as big as Blackest Night or Final Crisis. I expect it to be a monthly book that delivers on fun. Occasionally, I don't like the story-lines, but this is not the case this month.

The Verdict

New story and a great jumping-on point! If you've never read a Booster Gold book, this would be a great place to jump on. This book always delivers on fun. Booster fits very well into the Flashpoint world. This maybe a character you're not too familiar with, but this book will catch you up on all the important things that have happened to Booster over the years. If you're looking for a good read that also ties into Flashpoint, this is your book!

Posted by longbowhunter

This was the first book I read today. Liked it alot. Its so good to have Dan Jurgens back!!!
Posted by nazer858

Super late to the party, but yeah, I really enjoyed this issue (catching up on all of Flashpoint).

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