grim's Booster Gold #43 - Endgame review

Tying up loose ends

  Following his recent stint in Time Travelers prison, Booster is sent to the future to fix one of the major problems his future is currently facing.
 In classic Booster Gold fashion, Carter's attempt to rectify this serious issue hits a rather hilarious snag. When Booster shows up in the future, he immediately jumps into action helping The Legion of Super Heroes with Validus, one of their reoccurring baddies. But the Legion, who have never seen or heard of Booster, proceeds to beat and interrogate him as well.
  While the story is pretty unclimatic, it does inject an interesting new development into the future of Booster.
 The art is terrific, and anyone who enjoys Booster Gold or random Legion sightings should totally pick this one up... but otherwise its not that important.

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Posted by longbowhunter

This wasnt a bad issue, but I'm glad its over. I loved what Giffen and DeMatteis did with Booster in the 80's. Its what made me the big Booster Gold fan I am today. However their recent run on this title has just felt like a long hot car ride to me.
Posted by Grim

 i feel you. i love Booster so much that sometimes i cant tell a story wasnt so great until im done with it. I was completely drawn into this issue, and when it ended i realized that it was nothing but campy dialogue and a small amount of action... with almost no significant anything until the last couple pages.... and no proper ending.
 I literally didnt realize any of this until i was trying to explain to my girlfriend why i was Soooo happy Booster Gold came out that day.

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