matkrenz's Booster Gold #38 - Glory Days! review

What,no Nazi scalping ?

Issue 38 of the Booster Gold series. 
The Story:We start with Booster retrieving the "Kinda/sorta/but not-quite Book of Destiny" from the Darkstars evidence facility,gives it back to Ted and goes to the present and learns that Rani has left in a Time Sphere to World War II Italy.When he arrives in Itally he gets shot by a sniper and meets his old JLI team member General Glory and his teenage sidekick Ernie.When he meets him he learns that the Nazi's has taken a Red Cross camp and they also took a girl in a buble.When they follow the Chronal Residue from the Time Sphere they find a Nazi research facility and Glory starts beating the crap out of Nazi's.Booster decide's to go 2 days in the future to see the were the Chronal residue leads.We also learn that Ernie 2 actually leaves the army and becomes a chiropractor and anti-war activist and passed away in 2005.Booster finds the cell where Rani was held and when he comes back 2 days ago she is there and we also see Max Lord's mother but she doesn't have any children but she will get married to Maxwell Lord III.Back in Arizona we learn that Rani wanted to tell Max's mom that he was a bad boy.Rip tells Booster that he forgot to get the Time Sphere back,we see that General Glory and Ernie are fighting the Nazi scientist Nishtikeit who will the Time Sphere to of course travel time but Booster see's that the way the machine is hooked up it will problably blow up,wich it does.Back in the present Booster explains that since General Glory and Ernie survive to live into the future and the scientist dies when the Time Sphere blows up and all knowledge of it vanished. 
The Good:To me this is the funniest issue yet.Every page I found plenty of stuff to laugh at,especially when Booster punched 2 nazi's in name of Uncle Sam.Also you gotta love Rani's reasonning to why she went back in time to find Max's mom is hilarious.And as always Chris Batista's art is as always really good.

The Bad:I taught it was to easy for Booster to get the Book of Destiny back but we still got a hilarious story instead. 
The Verdict:Giffen and DeMatteis are really putting everything they can from the JLI days in this series.I had no idead who General Glory was and taught he was just some Captain America parody but this isn't the case.This series is great and it is a good companion if you are reading Justice League: Generation Lost not because this is directly influenced by this but since this is throwback to the old JLI days so should this series.This is a definite buy if you are reading JL: GL.

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