matkrenz's Booster Gold #37 - The Big Meoww! review

When did this become "Booster Gold: Sex and Violence: ?

Issue 37 of the Booster Gold series. 
The Story:We start off when the last issue left off wich is Estrogina breaks out from solitary  confinement and starts blowing up the prison.And when she see's Booster she wants to  have sex him and says that most guys that slept with her dies happy and she eats Ted still in his chipmunk form.Then we have a scene with Skeets getting Booster's clothes and we learn that he his developping jealous feelings since Booster cares more for Ted,who is dead then Skeets who is working and helping him every step of the way.After Estrogina left Booster and Skeets came to give his clothes,he tells Skeets what happened to Ted and says that Booster has to enduce vomit to Etrogina.After trying to punch her in her gut and learning she loves it rough (yes she says that).After getting outside the prison in an atmosphere pocket they are being bombarded by Estrogina's ship since she is a captain on a ship of Zamaron Pirates.Booster being sick of this goes into the near future and asks Ted how he got out of the chipmunk form and answers that the spell wore off and says that Artemis only said that it was  to scare them.When he gets back to Estrogina they get on her ship and Estrogina vomits out Ted and is extremely angry at them.After  Booster,Ted and
 Skeets leave Estrogina vows to find them and Ted says that they have to get the Book of Destiny from the Darkstars and Booster isn't happy about this development. 
The Good:Giffen and DeMatteis still deliver great comedy in this issue.The scene were Booster says that the Conglomerate thing will blow over was really cool,also the conversation in the beginning with Ted and Estrogina was priceless before he gets eaten.Everything Estrogina says is either about violence or sex wich is pretty funny.I especially loved the Skeets scene were he see's that he is developping human traits,it was really well handled and makes perfect sense.Also it's great to see Batista back on art wich since his art on this series has been great. 
The Bad:While Estrogina's dialogue was funny it got repetitive and annoying after a while. 
The Verdict:This series has been great since Giffen DeMatteis got on.They deliver the Booster Gold they want to write,wich is a more comedic one but still try to have the more serious Booster that Dan Jurgens has been writting,even though we don't see much of it in this issue.If you a fun book with great character moments and the jumping on point would be issue 32.This is a buy.

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

I nominate the Jurgens/Rapmund team can return to writing Booster Gold if Griffen/DeMatteis start a new series called "Booster Gold: Sex and Violence." That would be awesome XD

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