matkrenz's Booster Gold #36 - This Man... This Chipmunk! review

Prison Break IN SPACE !

Booster Golds 36th issue wich means that we had 3 years of Booster Gold and hopefully many more. 
The Story :We start this issue with Ted after having a good time with Queen Artemis (good for him) but it seems that he lied to get in bed,like being the leader of the League and creating technologie that monitors the entire universe.But the Queen finds out that Ted lied to her and she might do something to him.We then go to the Planet Pounder where the Darkstars are being idiots and not listening to our heroes explaining that they are trying to stop the Planet Pounder.After learning that Scott and Barda are from Apokalips and they decide to immeaditly goes crazy,so Scott Booms everybody back to Earth.And it seems that Barda and Scott have known that Booster is from the near future because of his thinning air line.Booster tries to convince them to go back to the planet to save Ted but can't really give a straight answer to go back but convinces them to send him back to the planet.Then decides to back to the present and we see a caption of "One issue of Generation Lost later" he goes back to the past to save Ted.In the Queens chamber he finds out that Ted is turned into a chipmunk,since on this planet you mate for life and the Queen was a 3000 year old virgin. Booster starts insulting Ted to have the Queen to turn Ted back to normal but the speel is irreversible.Also the Darkstars anbush them and takes them to the prison called the Starlag.Inside Ted insults Booster since he says that since there friends they shoundn't each other but look each other backs.But there quarrel by Vril Dox the leader of the L.E.G.I.O.N and R.E.B.E.L.S and explains that this prison is ran by a bunch of aliens that normaly don't work together and are interested in Earth and it seems that Booster understands it's the "Invasion" thing thats happening but can't say more to Ted.Meanwhile Skeets sneaked in to the prison trough the laundry ship and shocks 2 prisonners.Then Booster and Ted  see an explosion and thinks it's Skeets that brought the cavalery but it's just some prisonner breaking out.

The Good :Giffen and Dematteis are still hilarious with there writting since it's the JLI days.Also the quarrel between Ted and Booster was good since they aren't making Ted a complete idiot,since even after Vril insulted Booster he said that he wasn't scrared by him since he is a genius in his own right.Also i really like that Giffen and Dematteis are creating new characters for their storie.Also the artist might have changed but it is still solid.
The Bad :This is purely from a time travel stand pointr but Booster is doing a crap job with his mission.I mean everybody noticing his thinning hair.Rip not asking or stopping Booster when he wasn't getting his answers.Also it seems to me that the only good space cops in the Universe are the Green Lanterns and L.E.G.I.O.N (if somebody wants to prove me wrong then go ahead).But these are really nitpicks.
The Verdict :This issue was really funny,solid art and i wonder how Ted will be unchipmucked,hell we even got him saying not to make a Chimp and Dale reference.But you can't forget my nitpicks.But if you are a longtime fan of Booster Gold you will like this and if you want to jump on Booster start with the beginning of this arc.This is a buy.

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