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I’m going to be honest I am not up to date with booster gold I'm picking it up in trade and am waiting for tomorrow memories to come out in trade but I thought maybe I will start reading here and then I will be caught up. The opening sequence was weird because his suit was damaged and it never says why the suit was damaged I know that the last arc concluded in an epic battle but Rip would not just send Booster on a mission if his suit was not working. The comedy was trying to hard and did not come across as funny and in one instance it is inappropriate. The art was great when on a big scale but when zoomed in to a single or few faces seamed awkward and off the face of booster gold was inconsistent it self at one point his noise seamed longer and BG was saying the whole Worlds greatest hero you never heard of line way to much He never said it in previous issues (as far as I know) he said it enough time in this issue to even annoy himself. aside form all of the faults the writing was good when not trying to  be funny and there was a great 2 page splash. I hope that the next few issues get better it is the first issue of a new arc.    

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Posted by RedRyan

Booster tells you the suit was damaged in the Daxamite attack.He only says Greatest hero you've never heard of once as far as I remember(I'm not going back to count) and if you don't like the humour of Keith Giffen you should probably stop reading the book now as I'm pretty sure he's staying on the title for the forseeable future.I loved this first issue from the new team but I accept that the humour may not have universal appeal and can be on the dark side at times.
Posted by emerald_lamp_2814
The humor was not dark the only time it was dark was after the scene with the Eye which was a very meaning full but it was ruined by a joke that was not that funny the first 11 Pages were just joke after joke which weren't even that funny here is one of the jokes word for word  
fat woman " I came to daxam for singles retreat the food was awful and the men were all gay and now this"  
Booster Gold "tell you what lady i'll try to find you a heterosexual and a good meal if we survive" 
the whole Major idiot was overdone it this issue could have been funny but it was over done it is just the first issue in a new arc they typically are not ground breaking. When the jokes ended the writing got better. and at one point Booster even told the little girl his real name which he would have never done in day of death the whole point of day of death to never say his real name.
it is good that you do not agree with me because they are just opinions not every one is going to agree with me if they did something would be wrong, you should write your own review so people can know what you liked about it and they might agree with you and they might not that is the thing about Opinions.

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