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This issue starts just after skeets has been blown up by Blackguard. In this commotion Both Blackguard and Mindancer get away. Dirk Davis, Skip Andrews and Rose Forrest a.k.a. Thorn try to cheer booster up but to no avail. When Blackguard and Mindancer get back to the secret 1000 lair Blackguard is quickly subdued as a punishment for his failures to get Booster among other things.

That night Rose turns into the Thorn and goes out looking for clues to find the 1000. Booster goes on a publicity date with actress Monica Lake. It is not a great evening for either one of them and is finally broken up when Booster's signal on his arm band goes off. He makes a quick exit to the roof. As he takes off overhead Thorn hears him talking to someone over a communicator in his arm band. She decides to fallow him.

Arriving at Centennial Park Skeets shows up. This is because skeets faked the earlier explosion so he could fallow Blackguard and Mindancer to their secret lair. Booster and Skeets enter the lair while they are unknowingly being fallowed by the Thorn.

For a while skeets is able to evade all the security systems but it does not last. When they are found out the 1000 attacks. Booster and Skeets make quick work of them and things are going well until Mindancer shows up. She attacks Booster with a powerful Brain Bolt. This power is used by drawing from the nearly 900 people in the Building. This ends up killing most of her own men. When Booster wakes up he finds out that he is going to be killed along side Blackguard.

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