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Cheshire breaks into US Biotech a Booster Gold International Company and kills several guards. She searches the lab for a certain Bio-chemical that is missing from the lab she is able to get a lead to it's whereabouts by dry rubbing the last sheet of paper on a day planner. She's not there long before some more guards find her. She defeats them and takes of for Mexico in search of the Bio-chemical.

Because this is a Booster Gold property Booster wastes no time in investigating the crime and is there as soon as he finds out with Skeets and Jack Soo. After assessing the crime and searching for clues they correctly find that the crime was perpetrated by Cheshire. They also figure out that she is after Dr. Babich's pet project. They are not sure what it is but they feel if they find Babich they'll figure out what is going on. So, Booster sets out for Dr. Babiche's home with skeets. Jack Soo is left to investigate the lab to figure out what Babich was working on. When Booster and Skeets get to Babich's home only his wife is there. She tells them that he went to Mexico with Hank Hall and she is worried that he is “involved in Something horrible!” So Booster takes off for Mexico.

In Mexico Babich and Hall are talking about what the new Bio-chemical that Babich was working on will do. He tells him it will cure overcrowding and starving.

Shortly afterwards Booster tries to talk with the commissioner of Mexico and get him to help Booster find Babich and Hall. While he is in the meeting he talks to Jack on his wrist communicator. They tell him they found a computer disk under Babich's desk and that they are going to analyze it. While they are doing that the Commissioner tells Booster he won't help him find someone who hasn't even committed a crime. Jack comes back on the communicator and tells Booster that Babich has developed a virus designed to “eliminate undesirables” He has convinced Hall that it will only make a huge part of the population sterile.

Back at the office Trixie Collins a.k.a. Goldstar makes small talk with Dirk Davis and they decide to get together that night.

Back at Mexico Booster is looking for Babich and Hall when he gets another call from Jack who has found a map were he thinks Babich will release the virus.

It may however be too late because Hall dressed in his Hawk uniform and strapped into a glider ready to release the Bio-chemical. Babich knows this will kill Hawk but he feels Hawk needs to be sacrificed for the greater good. Just as Hawk takes off he is descended upon by Cheshire from what must be the quietest helicopter ever. She takes the container with the Bio-chemical in it and cuts Hawks scalp with her poisoned nails. This causes Hawk to plummet to his death but, at the last secant Booster grabs him. Hawk tells him it's a waste because he is going to die from the poison anyway. Booster then shoots down the helicopter with Cheshire and her Soviet contact in it. Booster of course rescues both of them but the Bio-chemical was in the helicopter and crashes releasing the chemical that kills Babich. Booster reverses his forcefield to project it around the Bio-chemical. He then threatens to throw Cheshire in with the chemical if she doesn't give hawk a antidote to her poison. She resists at first but then relents and cures Hawk. Her Russian contact tries to convince Booster to sell the virus. Booster refuses and then shrinks the the virus with his forcefield and lets it bake in it's own body heat into a harmless piece of ash. Then he zaps the ash. After socking the Russian he leaves everyone in the desert instead of taking them into them into prison for releasing a virus that would have killed millions or stealing it to use as a military weapon for the Russian government.

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