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Booster Gold, Skeets, Goldstar Rip Hunter and Jack Soo are trapped in the year 2462. Rip, Jack and what is left of skeets are separated from Booster and Goldstar. Things are bad for everyone.

Rip and jack are discovered by the authorities in a hotel room when they hook up skeets to a computer. They use skeets to tap into the computer and they find out that Booster will be executed that day. Jack answers the door while Rip hides in a closet. Jack tries to smooth things over but the authorities are on to him. Rip however pops out of the closet and gets the jump on them. With Jack's help they manage to subdue the two men. Skeets then tells them a plan to get Booster and everyone back home.

Meanwhile Booster is being saved by a Doctor on the very day he is to be executed. Broderick a federal agent is against it but allows it when he is order to.

Later, Rip and Jack steel the uniforms of the two men who came to arrest them and go to S.T.A.R Labs. There they manage to rebuild Skeets completely and find out were there is a time platform to get back home.

Booster and Goldstar are being taken away to were they are suppose to be executed. Just as the shuttle shows up to take them away Rip and Jack show up to help them break free. There is a big battle that looks like the end for Booster and crew when all of a sudden a laser blast from above distracts everyone long enough to get away. As it turns out the blast is from Booster's sister Michelle Carter. She had saw him earlier on the news and attempts the rescue in of all things a Gotham Schools shuttle.

The school shuttle takes off and is set upon by sky-cycles. Booster and Goldstar destroy the sky-cycles but not before critical damage is done to their shuttle. Booster and Goldstar manage to save their friends before the shuttle falls into the ocean.

The group quickly finds the time platform and start the process for their escape. Things are going well until Broderick shows up with the Animal. The Animal and Booster fight while Goldstar tries to stop Broderick. The others continue to get the time platform running. Broderick has had enough and attempts to kill Goldstar but is stopped by Animal. As it turns out Animal was saved earlier by Goldstar and he could not allow her to be killed.

Unfortunately for Booster and his friends the stray shot from Broderick's pistol severs a cable needed to run the time platform. Booster decides to make the sacrifice by staying behind and holding the cable so everyone can get home. Animal can not allow this to happen and he picks up Booster and throws him on the platform. He then grabs the cables and puts them together. As Animal holds the two cables together he is shot in the back by Broderick. Everyone can see this just before they are sent back into time.

Goldstar is very upset by the whole experience and wishes she could thank Animal for his sacrifice. They arrived to their time or at least close enough. The next day a man in a black beard, ball cap and dark sunglasses drops a truck load of food off at a food shelter. As it turns out the man is none other that Booster Gold in disguise just doing an anonymous good deed.

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