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Booster Gold goes forward into time in the year of 2462. He finds out his sister and mother have been evicted because of his actions. Booster stole his uniform to become a superhero and his family has suffered the penalty for his crime. Goldstar does what she can to calm him down but nothing seems to work until the cops are called and Booster Gold and Goldstar take off into the night as fugitives.

Meanwhile Rip Hunter and Jack Soo are working on the time machine that has a fried drive and is unable to take them back into time. They can't do anything for it without the parts so they set out to explore the futuristic Gotham City. They don't get far when they discover a news report on Booster being a high priority criminal. This sends them running back to the time machine.

Booster and Goldstar have already arrived at the ally were the time machine was tucked away but don't see Rip or Jack anywhere. They are immediately set upon by the authorities who shoot the time machine and blow it up completely. Despite this Booster and Goldstar manage to neutralize them and quickly take off. Only seconds after Rip and Jack show up. They even call out to their friends but it is too late. Booster and Goldstar don't hear them. This leaves Rip and Jack running away before they get into trouble as well. Booster and Goldstar regroup at a city park.

All the way in the futuristic Metropolis plans are being made at the city police station on how they are going to apprehend Booster Gold. The commissioner has authorized the use of the Animal. The Animal is a super-powered human used as an attack dog. He even has a handler.

Back in futuristic Gotham Rip and Jack go to Gotham University Library and research time travel. They find out that time travel is a restricted by the federal government. They then attempt to find out information on Rip Hunter himself but they find no information due to the nuclear conflict that happens between their time and Booster's time.

Back at the City Park it is almost morning and Booster and Goldstar are making plans to go back and find Rip and Jack . This is when they are attacked by Animal and a large detachment of authorities. The fight lasts a while. Booster manages to get Animal on a boat as Goldstar accidentally rupture the fuel tanks. Booster gets away but Animal sinks to the bottom of the ocean. Goldstar won't let him drowned and uses her powers to bring him back to the surface. This allows the authorities to capture Both of them. The authorities take them back to headquarters were man named Broderick takes over and begins to torture Booster and announces Booster is to be executed tomorrow.

Rip and Jack trade some of their belongings to get a room. When they get to their room Jack hooks Skeets up to a computer and starts to work on him. They are able to tap into a net wok and find out Booster is going to be executed. Just after that they hear the authorities knock at the door.

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