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The 1000 breaks Shockwave out of prison and Booster finds out Brysler Motors are selling exact copies of his Boostermobile. Booster's manager and agent Dick Davis is being blackmailed by the 1000 and the 1000 also kidnapped Trixie Collins a.k.a. Goldstar and Sarah Davis. The Only thing going good for Booster is Jack Soo is almost done with the Goldstar uniform.

Once Shockwave is out of prison he goes strain to Goldstar Inc and stars smashing down the whole building. The whole time this is going on the Director and Dr. Shocker monitor the battle between Shockwave and Booster. They also interrogate Trixie and get to give Booster's alias and she tells them Booster is from the future. Booster manages to stop shockwave with the help of Dirk Davis, but not before he has almost completely drained his power cells in his uniform. Skeets program is also broken into during the battle and he is affected drastically.

When the battle is over the Director sends a holographic transmitter to tell Booster to meet him in one hour or he will kill his two hostages. Booster swears he is going to kill him or be killed by the end of the battle.

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