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Dirk Davis is being black mailed by the 1000. He is shown a tape of his daughter as proof but he is not told what the 1000 wants. Senator Ballard a.k.a the Director is going to use every thing he has to get Booster Gold.

As for Booster he goes out to dinner with Trixie Collins a.k.a Goldstar. Dinner is cut short when a building is caught on fire. Miles away from the fire the bodies of Benjamin Lindgren and Martin Kramer are found with bullet holes in their heads. They are the newest victims of the 1000. Back at the fire Booster makes one last check to see if he got everyone out of the fire when he is attacked by three robots. Unknown to Booster the 1000 is using the robots to drain his powers. Booster still makes short work of them. After the fire and battle Booster gives an interview. So Dirk Davis offers to take Trixie home unfortunately Trixie is also abducted by the 1000 on the way.







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